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MotoTrak Maxi is very easy to install and use, simple 3 wire fit to the motorcycles live, earth and ignition.
The MotoTrak tracker black box unit has internal areals (metre accurate) and a waterproof original Equipment motorcycle electrical connector. The black box casing also has an internal seal making the unit ip67/SGS type 1 water resistant with 4 double lugs for secure fitment using heavy duty cable ties supplied in the fitting kit and full instructions.
MotoTrak unit has an internal 1800mhp Li-lion battery giving unravelled battery back up period without power supply. Average battery consumption is around 5mA which means it will not run your battery flat, if you store your motorcycle over the winter we recommend a standard trickle charge as normal.
To veiw your Mototrak equipped motorcycles simply log on to your web browser and enter your 7 digit username and your chosen password.
The information will be available to you as soon as you have called SmarTrack’s commissioning desk on 07971 706120 who will make the unit live while you are on the phone to them.
If you would like a free demo please call us on our free phone and we will give you the MotoTrak demo log in name and password.
After a few minutes on the site you will see how easy it is to use and how helpful it will become for you, friends and your family.
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