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MotoTrak GPS-GSM tracker

When you or an approved SmarTrack engineer installs your MotoTrak tracker, he or she will call the SmarTrack Commissioning desk on 07971 706120 8am to 10pm 365 days of the year to verify a LIVE position of your Motorcycle.
At this time the Secure Control room staff check all the telemetry provided by the live device and confirm FULL operation of the MotoTrak tracker. The telemetry will include Battery voltage, battery back/up voltage, Ignition key position (on or off) on-board battery temperature and
its GPS-GSM horizon position on the Google maps.
MotoTrak is an approved technical partner with Wireless Logic, owned by Dragon's Den's Peter Jones, his technology company was the first to build a completely secure, dedicated GPRS and 3G network, this is resilient and secure enough for the needs of critical applications including GPS-GSM vehicle tracking.
Wireless Logics private network sits within Vodafone's GSM infrastructure, ensuring the best possible GPRS coverage.
The benefits include greater resilience, superior security based tracking through improved encryption and faster connections owing to less network traffic.
This means that your MotoTrak equipped Motorcycle has
the very best technology inside, the electronics even have
24 carat gold plated terminals as standard.
Quality is the most important part of your GPS tracker,
this proves itself every time you check your motorcycle.
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